Motorized Wall Mount

Adjust your screen by remote control!

The Incredible X-Arm by Clo-Systems.
Motorized mount extends your plasma/LCD TV screen from the wall
Reduce glare and reflection: find the perfect viewing angle
Install your plasma screen in more possible locations
Control TV angle by remote
Swivel and tilt for best angle
4 presets remember favorite angles
Patent pending technology
UL Listed, RoHS and WEEE compliant

Price: $895.00

Motorized X-Arm from Clo-Systems

Universal remote control for audio and video
Two preset buttons to set favorite positions
Interface with RS 232 port
Easy installation - same as regular wall mounting
Simple cable management through bellow
Selector switch selects from different TV sizes
LED display indicates status information and error messages
Control box removable for easy access


SEE THE INCREDIBLE MOTORIZED X-ARM WALL MOUNT: We have installed a working model of the X-Arm by Clo-Systems in our showroom. Stop by and view a demo of this incredible device. No more glare, no more reflection. Call the TechnologyStore today at (323) 515-2115. Our Digital Video experts will show you this incredible machine in action. Or email us here.